Updating Windows 7

In the past few months I faced a serious issue with brand new installation of Windows 7.
From a previously perfectly-working installation image, I kept ending up with a seemingly¬†broken installation in the sense that Windows Update apparently wasn’t working properly.

WU appeared to be continuously looking for updates never stopping and starting the actual downloading and installation. Even after leaving it work for hours at a time, it was impossibile to obtain or install any update. Continue reading “Updating Windows 7”


Solve iCloud sync issue on Windows

There are cases whre the iCloud folder on yopur Windows machine is not synchronizing with your account, no matter what.
There is a way to get out from this issue by cleaning up the iCloud configuration and let the client to set it up from scratch again:

  • From the iCloud control panel sign out your account
  • Go to %appadata%\R¬≠oaming\Apple Computer\MediaStream
  • Delete all files and folders in MediaStream folder and restart the machine
  • From iCloud control panel, log back in.

From this time forward, the iCloud service will re-synch your data from the cloud.