What’s your number?

I assume I do not need to present here the music streaming service Spotify.
Though very costly is the latest and greatest service to listen music unlimited in regards to time and devices.

Spotify is also a very social application that easy allow users to show and whatc what their freinds are listening to.
Freinds are determined using relations on Facebook, but not all the users decide to link Spotify and Facebook accounts, so sometimes you might have a hard time finding your friends.

One easy way to add a riend not connected via Facebook is to use the direct link in the form


Where UserID is the numerical identifier of any user. It is very easy to find this number, but it appears three is some confusion on how to find it: this is a very easy guide on how to look for it.

playlistFirst of all open the desktop client and pick any of your playlist: below the playlist title you’ll find your display name. It is an hyperlink, just click it.

userNext page is your own homepage and it contains all of your information including the ID: click on the ellipsis button below your name and choose “Copy Spotify URI”.

That string is the direct link to your user: you can give it to a friend that can go directly to your page by pasting it in the Spotify Client Search field.